Monday, 7 March 2011

Easy Glass Etched gift

Todays post is about a project i have been meaning to try for ages. Last year i bought a tub of glass etching cream off ebay and it has been sat in my study waiting to be used. Last week i finally got round to trying it out. Its my hubby's aunties birthday next monbth and she has a very sweet tooth. i thought it would be nice to make her a personalised glass sweet jar full of sweets. Here's how it turned out.. The etched name doesn't turn out as clear on the camera but it is lot more prominant on the actual jar.

If you want to make one you need any glass jar, some etching cream(I used amour etch) and stickers and sellotape.  if you want to add embeliishments after like i did you will need those too.

Step one apply the stickers that spell the name(or word) you want to etch in the centre of of the glass and then using sticky tape tape a rectangle border around the letters.  Make sure they are all stuck down securely. Yes this is a different glass jar as i forgot to take photo's whilst i was etching the one for Lynda!

Apply the etching cream using a paintbrush and leave for atleast half an hour.  Make sure you apply a thick coat like above (or it doesn't etch fully).  Wash off the cream and remove the stickers and sellotape to reveal the name etched in the centre (tecnhically its the rectangle around the name that is etched but you know what i mean!!).  I embellished mine further with ribbon and paper flowers and hearts.
Now can i resist those yummy bon bons?Probably not so i had better wrap it now before i'm tempted to dip into it!!


  1. Great idea for a present.

  2. This is fantastic, I've been wanting to have a go at this for a while.

  3. Very cute idea. Found you on Too Cute Tuesday on Funky Polkadot Giraffe.

  4. A very pretty way of using all the jars we keep :)
    Sue x