Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Easy snowman chocolate bars

Just thought i would share some quick and easy christmas chocolate snowmen. I used this on keery's blog as a basis and amended it and also added the topper and bag.  i didn't actually print the snowman paper off from Kerry's blog- the lovely Almond over on the MSE site gave me a copy as she already had it.  They were so easy to do and this is how i made them:-

1) I covered a milkybar in the white snowman print paper that you can find on kerry's blog.
2) Then i cut out a square piece of fleece and stuck it round the top and then gathered it with a piece of silver elastic thread to make the bobble hat.
3)I cut a thin piece of fleece material and stuck onto the paper like a scarf.
4) I used a ready seal plastic card bag to put the snowman in then cut out a piece of navy blue card just slightly wider than the bag.  I then folded the card in half across the width and put it over the top of the bag and stapled in place.
5)Last of all i used Papermania christmas chipboard embellishments to decorate.  You can use pretty much anthing or even write on the topper yourself. 

If you get round to making any let me see how they turn out.


  1. They are really lovely, you clever thing!
    Kandi x

  2. I love these! The hats and scarves additions are brilliant!! Ive still to make my snowman poop after stealing your templates and will give these a go now too. Thanks Tina!! x

  3. Awww they look sweet - and easy yay for that!