Saturday, 6 November 2010

Hello kitty bag and other random makes

Tomorrow is Lili's 5th brithday party and instead of buying naff plastic party bags i decided i would sew nice organza ones with each childs name on the front.  I have done 10 and have another 12 to do - so of course i am sat here doing everything but sewing!!. I'll get back to it in a minute.  Here is what they look like so far but i will be wrapping the contents in tissue paper then putting in the bags later. Now the picture really is pants as it was taken in the dark and the bag is hung at an angle so the label looks wonky but its not i promise..

Recently i bought some gorgeous hello kitty fabric and have been waiting to use it so when my auntie asked if i would make her grandaughters personalised pump bags and crayon rolls i knew exactly which fabric to grab!!.  Heres how it turned out.

 I have cut out individual letters from fabric then used a blanket stitch around the edge of each letter.  it would have looked better if i had used a contrasting darker pink thread but i didn't have any so had to opt for pale pink. 

When i started crafting many years ago (god that makes me sound old - i'm not honest!) i used to just make cards and for quite a few years i didn't try any other crafts.  Once i started trying out new crafts i kind of stopped making many cards until recently.  i seem to have got back into it and here is a card i made last week for Lili to take to a party.  The thing i like about card making is it can be so quick to do (which is a major plus for me as a busy mum who also works full time!).

Ok now i really must get one with those party bags!!


  1. You have been busy! I love the organza bags. Sure all the little ones will love them too, especially as they are personalised! Hope Lili has a lovely party.xx

  2. They look great! Hope it all goes well.