Monday, 29 November 2010

This and that!

Today my little girl has been off school poorly.  So whilst she has been having a nap on the sofa i have made a couple of bits.  For a while i have been meaning to have a go at decorating a notepad and i have eventually got round to it!
At first it didnt seem to be going well but in the end it has turned out better than i thought!.  It is really easy to do just draw around your pad and score then cut out the card slightly bigger to give a border.  i snipped off the corners and used roller glue tape to stick.  once you have covered the notepad and stuck the edges on the inside of the pad take the first page and glue it on top of the inside cover to hide the border and do the same at the back. I used ribbon and stickers to embellish.  I have also put in coloured pencils in the pack and used co-ordinating card and ribbon to wrap around the pencils. I have put them in a self seal cello bag then made a bag topper from co-ordinating Papermania card and wrote on the label using a white gel pen.

 I used Kinder mini bars for this pack and wrapped in coloured paper then decorated.

 This pack is made using some fab blue ribbon i got from Costco yesterday.  I have wrapped the kinder bar in the ribbon and glued down then used toppers to decorate and then popped them in a cello bag and used some more of the ribbon as a topper.
 This cheeky monkey is Seb and i made him from a pair of socks.  i made him a while back but he was for a swap so didn't want to share earlier.


  1. Great makes. Love Seb, he's very cute. Jaqui x

  2. Busy as usual I see Tina!! Love your notebook pack! What a lovely gift that would make. Great idea using the ribbon for your choccy bars and as for the sock monkey. What can I cute!!! I love his little hat. Hope your little girl feels better soon. x

  3. Seb is sooo sweet! Was that for my swap?? How did you go getting your's what did you get? :-)