Saturday, 8 May 2010

I love my mini (and the bag i just made!)

My mini was in for its first MOT yesterday and passed with flying colours.  I'm not usually a car person but i really do love my mini.  Anyone who owns one will know what i mean. They are such fun cars and drive really well.  Anyway enough boy talk and back to some girly chit chat!.  I made a bag for my mum yesterday from some fabric in my stash. I just made it up and didn't follow any pattern(just winged it!!). I made my first Yo yo to go on it and i love it. 

 I think i am now going to go yo yo mad so don't be surprised if everything you see for a while has yo yo's on :-).  Anyhoo tell me what you think of my first attempt......


  1. Tina the new bag is brill! Love the yo-yo too, they are quite addictive and soon you will be adding them to anyone who stands still long enough.
    Kandi x

  2. I have a mini so I know exactly what you mean!