Friday, 28 May 2010


Today i had a rare day off with the house to myself. I was all set to have a day of sewing but half way through making a bag my needle bent on my machine and i didn't have a spare so i had to take an hour our and visit my local sewing shop!!!.  its actually only 5 minutes drive away but of course i couldn't just pop in and buy the needles and leave..... So i treated myself to a wooden yard stick and some bits and bobs.  i did resist the fabrics though!!.

Its the first time i have pit a magnetic clasp in so i was quite relived that it worked out ok!!.  The outer fabric is a teatowel and the lining is from a bed throw.  The tutorial i follwed is so easy and you can find it here if you fancy making one


  1. Tina that is really lovely! I love that fabric too, and I love the fact that it was previously something else! I hope you enjoyed your precious day off, we get far too few don't we?
    Kandi x