Tuesday, 11 May 2010

What a lovely swap

I woke up this morning to the postman bright and breezy ringing my doorbell.  He was delivering a parcel from Alexis who is the person i was joined with to swap in Crafty Helen's fabric swap.   She has been far too kind and has made my week with such a lovely bundle of items.  I have to say the handcream is the most amazing one i have ever tried and feels so silky when you apply it.  How cute is the guttermann tin with threads in?.

The buttons are a mix of modern and vintage and i just love the pin cushion (which i really need!). 

The chocolate has been devoured already and its only just after breakfast lol!. I really love the fabrics and am going to have to make something very funky with the cat print fabric.  Thank you so much Alexis it really is a beautiful bundle and you are so kind.


  1. You lucky thing - this is fabulous! Makes me feel guilty about what I sent now.
    Kandi x

  2. Isn't it just gorgeous!!!I know what you mean i'm worried my bundle won't be up to scratch!x

  3. Great goodies - I'm loving seeing what you clever ladies have sent to each other.xx

  4. They are great aren't they. Thanks so much for organising Helen x x