Wednesday, 19 May 2010

MSE Fabric Swap Come and join the fun

I am a member of the Money saving Expert (MSE) forum on and over the past few days we have been discussing doing a fabric swap (inspired by Crafty Helens recent swap thanks Helen!).  We had put all the wheels in motion and then found out it is actually against the forum rules uh oh........ Anyway i agreed that i would set one up on my blog instead so here it is.........  If you have a love for fabric or haberdasery then you are welcome to join in with the swap.  All you need to do is leave a comment on this post.  If you don't have a compatible account such as blogger,flickr etc you will need to provide me with your e-mail address.  Ok heres the Rules:-
  • enter a comment on this post if you want to join in
  • agree to swapping at least 5 items(as a guide maybe one item could be a fat quarter of fabric or 1m of ribbon, a pin cushion etc
  • Because the discussion started on the MSE forum it would be nice to give it a MSE theme so if possible items that have maybe been recyled i.e. fabric that you bough as a duvet to cut up and use in another project, buttons off an item that you don't wear, fabric given to you from someone else, a charity shop buy etc etc.  If you have items that aren't MSE themed you can still join in so don't worry.
  • The deadline for entering is 11th June 2010 and i will pair up swappers after this date.
  • Feel free to put a link on your blog page and spread the word - the more the merrier
P.S. sorry about the naff link button i'll make it bigger when i get chance


  1. Tina you can count me in! It's a shame we couldn't do it through the sewing room thread. It's lovely of you to sort it out here though.

  2. Thanks Tina - please count me in!
    Kandi x

  3. hi im a lurker on the sewing room thread im mainly found over on the cross stitch thread and I would love to join in please

  4. Oooo count me in :) brill idea tina thank you :)

  5. hello! me too please! (hello whitchywoopiggy!!)
    i've got patchwork & quilting on the brain at the moment, so my swap might be a little 'specialist'.

    But then again as it's not till June i might be able to come up with something more generally appealing than 25 squares of 2.5" cotton!! :0)

  6. Count me in too (Dinah93 on the sewing thread)

  7. Hurrah, managed to sort myself out a blog in order to follow all the crafty shenanigans with more ease!!

    I'm in please - Tete en l'Air (obviously) x

  8. Thanks to everyone so far who is joining in. Tete glad you managed to work out blogging (i'm still figuring it out lol!)x x

  9. hey is danables from the mse forum Id love to join x

  10. Hey Tina I'd love to join - Sheyo from crafting for Christmas x

  11. Hi Tina. I'd love to join in too please. Lynda xxx

  12. Hi Tina, just found you and would love to join.

  13. Hi Gill,

    We did have an even number of swaps and i have done the list but i don't mind doing two swaps so i will swap with you and the partner i have already been matched with if you want to join in. if you still want to then send me an e-mail to and i'll send you my addy x x