Thursday, 20 May 2010

Show & Tell and Gifts from the kitchen

Well we are one day into the fabric swap and already have 12 people listed which is great.  Don't forget if you want to join in you need to leave a comment on the fabric swap post here .

Today is Lili’s show and tell day – For some reason it wasn’t in my diary when I checked last night but luckily I randomly decided to check her school file and there it was so 6.30am this morning I was thinking about what she could take!!!. When she woke up she asked if she could take in the babies sleeping bag and pillow I had made for her last week (click here to view it). She said that she would need to tell everyone her mummy had made it as they would think she bought it from a shop!. Not when they take a closer look at my wonky stitching they won’t but bless her for bigging up my sewing :-). She also took in her baby bjorn swimming baby that she got for Christmas. Note to anyone who’s daughter wants one – don’t bother they are a waste of time!! I think the doll swam once and is now just an over expensive normal dolly.

I bought this bargain book from The Works for £2.99 and I am hoping to try out some of the recipes this weekend. I think I’ll start with….

and then maybe try my first relish...

If they are any good i'll post the recipes for everyone to try.

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  1. Ooo those chocolate nutty squares are making my mouth water!